Best Kids Coloring Books

One of the best ways to get kids to ramp up their creative potential is to put coloring books in front of them with crayons or coloring pencils and pens. They will do the rest. Watch them get taken over by their creative forces!

buy dr seuss coloring book for kidsThe Dr Seuss coloring book is one of the best coloring books to get your kids started on.

It’s in paperback so you can take it anywhere without it taking up much space in your backpack or bags.

Everyone loves Dr Seuss as he’s been publishing his famous books since the 1930’s.


Another popular Dr Seuss book is “I Can Draw it Myself” with over 5,000 positive reviews!

The wildly popular coloring book for children features 18 full-color drawings in I Can Draw It Myself by Me, Myself that are unfinished and ready for you to finish then color! Some are missing small things, like feet or fingers or noses or toes.

Some are missing big things, like the whole front of a Hamika-Snamik-Bamika-Bunt.

This kind of book not only gets their coloring groove on but their imaginations will work overtime having to finish up the drawings.

Here are some great coloring books for kids.

Getting your kids used to doing creative and artistic things helps them develop their creative part of the brain. When they grow, they’ll be grateful to you for encouraging them to be creative.

It’s human nature for people to wander off creatively in their spare time, when they’re feeling sad or depressed, and in their leisure time.

buy disney pixar coloring bookThe Disney Pixar coloring book is packed with lovable coloring images of Disney’s famous films and also included are a bonus of 50 stickers!

From Nemo and Dory in Finding Nemo to Buzz and Woody in Toy Story and many characters in between like characters from Cars and Inside Out.

The kids will have a blast coloring their favorite animated characters and bringing them to colorful life!

It also makes a great travel partner as it can easily be packed and stored in any type of bag. Definitely keeps them busy while sitting at restaurant tables

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